Monday, March 14, 2011

My beau

Dear Dear,

We have such fine good old time together. I really hope you enjoy our recent outing in my hometown. It is the first time I brought you to such place huh? Or maybe you've already been to that kind of place with mud splashing shamelessly. Anyhow, I'm glad I brought you with me for company and you get to know my closest high school's friends. They are crazy aren't they? :) 

Just so you know you look absolutely stunning last Saturday with that stylish kinda silver white and black suit. Everyone (almost) is looking at us the minute I hold your hand dragging you to meet my friends. I still cannot believe how time quickly deserted us behind those memory. How long has it been? 4 months? Still feels like the first time I greet you with a cheesy wide smile on my face. 

Beauty is skin deep. And I knew and I always know the phrase is always true. I know people discarded you just because you have that one little tiny flaw. But I guess they never knew how the flaw makes you even stronger and special.

I always love you Fujica ST605N.

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