Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Promise

I don't know if you readers ever feel what I feel lately.
Empty. I pray, we pray but still our akhlak was even more ugly than the non muslim.
I always thought by praying five times a day, did some solat sunnah during the wee hour would cleanse my filthy heart.

But still I know there's something missing.
I know deep down I have to find a way to track what is it that missing.
And since I've been searching...

Until one day my silat teacher said to me during our practice,
 "I've met my guru's religious guru. He teach me to continue holding on to our promise to Allah when we're still in the womb."  So I asked, 'what is the promise then?' 'Read the first revelation sent upon our beloved prophet.'

There... it hit me.
My spiritual journey is about to be embark once again.
Pray for me.

Found this on Facebook, not sure bout the 'rub dub dub'. But on thing for sure, we are OBLIGED to remember Allah in our heart 24/7.

Para saintis telah
Membuktikan bahawa,
Suara yang
datang daripada

denyutan jantung adalah
"Lub Dub"
Tetapi Kini mereka 
analisis bahawa, Ia adalah
'Rub Dub Dub' adalah Bahasa Arab
perkataan yang bermaksud
1 yang buat satu sama
dan Segala yang berkaitan dengan
Alam Semesta, Dan
yang mempunyai
perintah dalam
Itu adalah "Allah"
Jadi ia bermakna Tiap-tiap
Degupan jantung berkata: