Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Xin Nian Kuai Le

It's the year of Water Dragon they said, and I was born on the year of the dragon. I don't celebrate Chinese new year at home but I used to when I was back in university. My lecturer boiled this herbal gravy together with chicken eggs (without breaking the eggs) and wow it taste good, though the smell was quite unbearable for me (it was my first time).

Other things that I found very interresting and always be remembered was the 'yee sang' and 'yam seng'. If you don't have a clue both terms related to food and drink respectively.
'Yee sang' is when we 'toss' all different kind and color of raw salad up high with our chopsticks. I'm not sure if toss is the right word lol but 'yee sang' means 'Prosperty Toss'...so there you go. How does ti taste? Sour. I asked my friends about this because I thought they want to put a joke on me (my tongue hate sour lol). Some said there is raw salted fish salad and maybe pickled vegetable. But that's not important, what important is you have to toss and mix all salad together with everyone as high as you can so that you have all the luck and prosper through out the whole year.

'yam seng' on the other hand is when everybody gather with a cup of drink in hand (in my case, I have orange juice) and make a circle and cheers 'yaaaaaaaaaaaam seeeeng'' aloud and as long as you can. I tried to make more than 30 seconds but I was kinda short of breath.
Anyhow, it's not the luck or the prosper that we really want (but hey, of course I want good luck and $$$) but to be together enjoying the moment matter most to me.

And oh ya, I'm a muslim living in Malaysia surrounded with friends of different race and religion. And I love them. Have a happy chinese new year.HOng bao na laiiii~