Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Share] Reaksi syaitan bila anda baca al-Quran

Kongsi2.. jgn simpan sorang2 sbb dengar cakap setan 

1)Ketika anda membawa Al-Quran, respon syaitan ialah biasa-biasa saja…tengok je..
2)Ketika anda membukanya, syaitan mulai curiga.
3)Ketika anda membacanya, dia resah dan gelisah.

4)Ketika anda memahaminya, dia mula terkejang-kejang
5)Ketika anda mengamalkan Al-Quran dlm kehidupan setiap hari. Dia stroke. …………
Teruskan membaca Al-Quran & mengamalkannya agar syaitan terus stroke .
Ketika anda ingin menyebarkan pesanan ini, syaitan pun mencegahnya. Syaitan kata “jgn SEBARKAN, kerana ia tidak penting langsung !”
SEBAR2KAN LAH~~ Jangan dengar bisikan syaitan. Klik like jika anda pengguna FB.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This time for REAL

'Nikmat Tuhan yang mana lagi hendak engkau dustakan.'
>.< marah pada diri sendiri sebab tak cukup bersyukur selama ni.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Susahnya menjadi seorang perempuan

Aku rasa (secara peribadi) perempuan paling banyak ujian.

Perempuan selalu diuji Allah.
Masa zaman jahiliah dulu orang anggap perempuan cuma 'alat' 
Perempuan ditindas, hina, murah, 
Bila Islam datang nilai perempuan melambung naik.
Tapi bila dah lama-lama,
Datang pulak rungutan lain.

Kan dah kata tadi,
Perempuan paling banyak diuji.
Kena pakai tudung,
Baju seluar kena labuh,
Hanya suami berhak tentukan perceraian,
Lelaki boleh kahwin 4 perempuan tak boleh,
Isteri wajib patuh pada suami,
Tak boleh nak make-up lebih-lebih,
Tak boleh pakai baju bergaya macam Tyra Banks,
Setiap bulan terpaksa tanggung sakit premenstrual [berguling-guling tahan sakit T__T]
Kena usung anak dalam perut 9 bulan,
Lepas penat usung 9 bulan kena tahan sakit bersalin pulak,
Macam-macam lagi lah!
Betul tak?

Ada yang tahan, sabar dan yakin 
Ada juga yang tentang habis-habis 

Tapi pada aku,
Ini semua ujian 
Hak perempuan di dunia mungkin tak sebebas lelaki,
Tapi ini semua ujian.
Mesti ada yang kata tak rasa boleh lah cakap,
Tapi kita lahir sebagai perempuan kena kuat walaupun zahirnya lemah.
Ada yang kata Allah tak adil,
Allah yang lahirkan perempuan dengan perasaan ingin berhias cantik-cantik,
Jadi apa salah aku nak tunjuk kecantikan demi kepuasan diri sendiri?

Aku cuma boleh cakap,
Ini semua ujian.
Tipulah kalau kata tak ada seorang perempuan pun yang tak nak berhias cantik in public,
Mesti ada,
Tapi ingat,
Itu semua ujian.
Ujian kita berat tak macam lelaki,
Mungkin nampak remeh,
Tapi hakikatnya Allah sayang kita lebih dari apa pun.
Sebab kita perempuan.

Daripada aku yang bukan lulusan agama, syariah dan yang sewaktu dengannya.

Bidasan Heba Ahmed mengenai pengharaman Niqab di Perancis


SPITZER: Debates over integrating devout Muslims into society are not unique to the United States. Effective today it is illegal to wear a burqa in France or a niqab like this. A Muslim veil that reveals only the eyes.
The new law drew protest and confusion on the streets of Paris. Two women stepping out in their niqabs and drawing the crowd were arrested for staging an unauthorized protest.
The French government has called the veils, and I quote, “a new form of enslavement,” and, quote, “not acceptable on its soil.”
Many Muslims are enraged but not all. I am joined by Hebah Ahmed, a writer for the blog, Muslim Matters, who’s against the ban. She’s in Albuquerque. And Mona Eltahawy, a columnist on Arab and Muslim issues who wants to see the ban extended everywhere. She’s joining me from Washington.
Welcome to you both.
SPITZER: Let me begin by — if I might, by quoting the President Sarkozy of France in his justification for the law. It’s kind of a remarkable statement. He says, and I quote — this is the president of France. “The burqa is not a religious symbol. It’s a sign of enslavement of debaseness. I want to say this solemnly. The burqa will not be welcomed on the territory of the French republic. We cannot accept in our country women imprisoned behind a mask, deprived of all social life of their identity.”
So, Mona, let me start with you. You want to extend this ban across the world. Do you agree with President Sarkozy that merely because somebody wants to dress like this, they choose to dress like this, they shouldn’t be permitted to do so?
MONA ELTAHAWY, COLUMNIST ON MUSLIM ISSUES: You know, Eliot, I detest Nicolas Sarkozy. I consider him right wing and racist but I also detest the niqab and I detest the face veil. And I say this as a Muslim woman.
I think that it represents an ideology that does not believe in Muslim women’s rights to do anything but choose to cover her face. And I find that — I believe that the niqab dangerously equates piety with the disappearance of women and so I support banning it everywhere because I don’t — it’s not in the Koran, it’s not an obligation for a Muslim woman to cover her face, and my talk with you now with you seeing my face is going to be very different than if I were sitting here with my face covered.
I believe that the human face is central to communication.
SPITZER: OK, Mona, the only thing I would observe and I want to give Hebah a chance to jump in of course but I heard you used single personal pronoun I many times. I have no doubt you believe that, but why should your belief ban other people from wearing what they want to wear. That’s what I don’t get.
Hebah, explain to me why you think the ban is a bad idea.
AHMED: I think that it’s a bad idea because I think it’s yet another example of men telling women how to dress, how to live their life. It’s another way to try to control women. And to take it to a government level and to try to legislate the way that a woman dresses is not just wrong and against human rights, but it really violates the whole basis that the democracy in democratic countries are based.
This is a free choice. This is something that I choose to wear. I disagree that it’s some right-wing ideology. It is something that is permitted in Islam. I have a masters degree in mechanical engineering and I’m free to do whatever I want, and this is choice that want to make. And just because somebody doesn’t accept my interpretation of Islam or personally like it doesn’t mean that we can use laws to violate people’s freedom of expression and freedom of religion.
SPITZER: Hebah, let me just ask you this. When you go to the airport, you understand they’re going to be obligations, they’re going to have to check you for security like they check all the rest. When you get a driver’s license, they take a picture with or without your veil on? AHMED: Absolutely. I want everyone to know that as a Muslim woman, as a Muslim in America, I am just as concerned about safety and security as everybody else. And I have no problem whatsoever accommodating any security issues that come about. When I enter a bank, when I go to the airport, when I go to the DMV, I show my face and actually in Islam we are required to show our identity when we’re in a court system giving testimony. This is absolutely something that is essential for the security and identification of people, but it doesn’t mean that I should be banned completely from what I choose to do.
SPITZER: OK, Mona, let me jump in here. There are lots of type of dress that I look at and I don’t like them. I think they’re degrading. I think they’re oppressive. You know, a lots of things that I see teenagers wearing that, you know, I’m now viewed as old- fashioned by my kids perhaps. I don’t go around saying we should pass a law banning it. Isn’t that fundamentally violative (ph) of the First Amendment? What possible reason can there be legally to say to somebody you can’t dress the way you want to dress.
MONA ELTAHAWY, COLUMNIST ON MUSLIM ISSUES: Actually, Eliot, the government does tell people how they can and can’t dress all the time. You cannot walk outside naked. There are many states here in the U.S. where three or more people cannot be together in public wearing a face mask. So the government actually does legislate over our wardrobe, but everybody conveniently forgets that.
I would like to ask Hebah, you know, once I’m done talking, if she works. Because we’ve been on media shows together where we’ve been on opposite ends of this argument and I know from what she said before that once she started covering her face, she stopped working. So my argument is — and this is not just about “I.” I understand the point that you were making earlier, Eliot. Feminist groups, many women’s rights group have made the point that what the niqab goes in a society, especially for Muslim women is that it creates a spectrum where that is the pinnacle of piety and that is the good Muslim woman and so, of course, it has — it affects me.
In France, where this ban is going in effect, Muslim women’s rights group there support it because they find that Muslim women who live in the French housing projects have been put under tremendous pressure by the Muslim right wing to give into the niqab, and when they speak out they are told it’s basically become these political pawns.
SPITZER: But, Mona –
ELTAHAWY: That’s why I said I oppose Sarkozy but I oppose this on women because what choice do women have besides covering their face. This ideology doesn’t recognize Muslim women’s rights.
SPITZER: Mona, I just have to push you on one thing here. There are certain prohibitions on the way people dress, or you mentioned nudity that don’t dress that are in fact imposed upon us by law but none of them that I’m aware relates to a specific religion and says if you are a devout member of a religion you cannot dress in a way that you are obligated to to practice your religion, your choice of faith. Can you think of any example like that? Because I can think of a thousand other laws if this were upheld that suddenly we would limit all sorts of things that people do for their religious beliefs because we don’t agree with it. Wouldn’t that be a very dangerous thing to do?
ELTAHAWY: See, this is I think where these right-wing interpretations of religion get a free pass because everybody says well, it’s my religious obligation, it’s my religious right do this. Let’s look really at what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the disappearance of women justified in the name of them becoming closer to God. So the closer you want to become to God, the more — the less of you, the more you disappear.
SPITZER: But, Mona –
AHMED: I don’t feel that I have disappeared at all.
SPITZER: One at a time.
AHMED: I totally disagree.
SPITZER: Guys, one at a time. Hebah, jump in. Tell us, does anybody forced you to do this? Is this something you’re doing with your own free will?
AHMED: Nobody has — nobody has forced me do this and I really have to disagree with the statistics that Mona is trying to put forth because studies have shown that there are only 2,000 women in France that wear the niqab. The majority of them are converts who converted to Islam and are voluntarily choosing to do it. This is my choice. Nobody can force me to take it off. I would not take it off even if you paid me to do it. And the fact of the matter is that there’s never — I have never met a single Muslim woman in all of my travels around the world that is being forced to wear it. She — I understand Mona does not like it and does not want to wear it personally. But she keeps talking about her own feelings about it and she wants to use the law to support it. If she wants diversity and Islamic belief, then she has to accept my version just like she wants me to accept hers.
SPITZER: Mona, let me ask you this question. Do you have any evidence to support your statement that women are forced to wear this? And let me ask you this. If women are being forced to do something they don’t want to do, there is recourse other than banning this entire motive dress that has chosen as we just heard from Hebah by people who do choose to wear it of their own free will.
ELTAHAWY: Well, you know, I lived in Saudi Arabia. I have a sense that she’s traveled the world and she’s never met a woman who has been forced to wear it. I lived in Saudi Arabia where millions of women are forced to cover their face. But now that the argument will be, well, that’s in Saudi Arabia not in France. What choice does a woman have when she’s told she will burn in hell if she doesn’t cover every inch of her body? What kind of a choice is that? So, of course, she’s going to convert to this ideology. AHMED: I’ve never heard that. I’ve never heard anybody say that.
ELTAHAWY: But the women who convert to this ideology who are then told that this is how to be a good Muslim woman, to be close to God, to avoid hellfire, is there really a choice in that? And I believe when you have a law like this, you know, I told you I detest Sarkozy. I consider him racist, but I will not sacrifice Muslim women’s rights in order to uphold the Muslim right wing which I believe is misogynist. With a law like that, a woman can tell her husband or any male relative who is forcing her to dress like this, the law says I don’t have to dress like this.
SPITZER: Mona — Mona, let’s not deal with Saudi Arabia, different customs, different laws. We have the First Amendment.
AHMED: Thank you.
SPITZER: I was talking about France. I was talking about France.
SPITZER: Mona, wait, hold on one second. In the United States, we have the First Amendment that gives people the right to practice religion as they wish. Do you not think that a law in the United States that would ban this form of dress would violate the First Amendment, permission to practice religion as each individual sees fit?
ELTAHAWY: Well, this comes back to religion again. Everything is allowed, just because someone says it’s their religious belief. You know, what I think –
SPITZER: No, no, no, Mona — I’m going to jump in. Hold on one second. It’s banned or permitted until there is some compelling state interest on the other side, but it’s got to be an overwhelming interest. What is the overwhelming interest that would justify us in banning a type of dress that people choose as a result of their religion?
ELTAHAWY: Well, all the reasons I just gave you but I will repeat. I believe that this is genuinely harmful to Muslim women because it creates this pinnacle of piety in which a Muslim woman is told, this is the closest that you can get to God and she’s disappeared. I’m no longer here. You don’t even know who I am. The face is central to communication.
ELTAHAWY: And not just that, it objectifies women.
SPITZER: Mona, Mona.
ELTAHAWY: The pinnacle of objectification.
SPITZER: Look, I agree with much of what you’re saying but not as the matter of law. You know, you get the last word. You haven’t gotten a fair time in this one. Give it the best 15 seconds you’ve got.
AHMED: Thank you. Basically, I want people to know that when I choose to cover this way it’s because I am fighting against a systematic oppression against women in which women’s bodies are being sexualized and objectified. This is a different perspective and a different form of empowerment in which I think when I’m in public, my sexuality is in my control and people have to deal with my brain and who I really am and not judge me by my body. And if we want to really talk about the oppressive situation of women, let’s talk about all the eating disorders, all of the plastic surgery, all of the unhealthy diets that are being done, all in the name of having the perfect body. To me, this is liberating and this is empowering. Mona keeps saying I believe, I believe, I believe, well, we don’t make laws based on what Mona believes or what anybody believes.
SPITZER: All right. Guys, well –
AHMED: It’s based on whether or not –
SPITZER: This is clearly not an issue we’re going to resolve in the will resolve in the next 10 seconds. I want to thank you both. Hebah Ahmed and Mona Eltahawy, clearly a passionate and important debate.
AHMED: Thank you.
Syabas Heba dan anda nilaikan sendiri siapa yang tidak menjawab soalan.

Sumber transkrip disalin darpada laman sesawang

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nikmat merancang versi saat akhir & versi redah je

Last minute punya orang =Aku.

Tak tahulah kenapa, tapi mungkin sebab aku rasa adrenalin mengalir laju macam air terjun bila ada tekanan, hidup dalam kesusahan, me
larat (susah le sangat...haktuih!). Terus terang aku bukan perancang yang berjaya. Boleh dikatakan bila aku siap buat rancangan hidup untuk hari esok contohnya, mulalah time tu jugak aku pi melenconglah, tambah agenda lah, kurang agendalah. Senang cerita, aku akan buat apa je yang hati aku nak masa tu, ke mana saja kaki aku nak melangkah masa tu.

Contoh semalam aku pergi 1st avenue penang. Tu memang dah ada dalam agenda. Tapi sebenarnya sebelum pergi aku siap berkira dalam hati nak pi ke tak? nak pi ke tak?Itu pun sebelum mandi siap sempat basuh baju sebaldi dan masa tu dah pukul 10.30. Last-last aku pergi juga...ambik kau keluar pukul 12 tgh hari, berpeluh tak ingat masa nak pergi perhentian bas.

Sampai KOMTAR lebih kurang pukul 1.15, terus pi fers evenu(saja nak merosak bahasa inggeris), aras bawah tanah jenuh jugak lah nak cari kedai lomokaki tu. Rupanya dekat daerah hujung-hujung memang susah orang nak perasan kedai tu. OK, ni lagi satu benda yang aku tak boleh tahan. Nafsu terhadap kamera dan yang seangkatan dengannya. Tapi nasib baik iman kuat aku just hantar filem untuk diproses. 2 filem hitam putih, 2 filem slide. Total RM64 T__T itupun lepas diskaun haihhh nasib baik baru dapat gaji. Lepas mata dah start nak melekat kat kamera lomo dalam kedai tu kaki pun mem'blah'kan badan aku dari situ. Oh terima kasih banyak kakiku. Selamat duit poket.

Lepas hantar filem, plan nak solat then pi tengok-tengok (sahaja) cuci mata dekat bazar chowrasta. Plan emmm kurang berjaya sebab kali ni aku dah explore lorong baru. Bila dah explore lorong baru, aku terjumpa lah pulak kedai buku terpakai. ADOIII ni masalah tak tahan nafsu paling BESAR dalam hidup. Plan lah siap-siap untuk tidak membeli buku macam mana pun, aku TETAP akan beli jugak akhirnya. Mula-mula masuk kedai tu macam tak ada buku best, tapi bila dah nak keluar dah lebih kurang selangkah je lagi dari pintu kedai, mata ni nampak buku Secret Seven. I say mannnn~ Enid Blyton versi kulit keras tu.... favorito! :p Harganya RM10 tapi aku ayat mamat tu dapat lah RM8 hehehe puas hati gue.

Lepas tu aku ingat nak pi balik dah kan, tapi kakiku tetap nak redah jalan/lorong yang asing itu. Panas tak usah ceritalah, tapi kali ni aku redah pakai payung haha ni kesan daripada ciuman hangat panas Langkawi. Pijor teman dibuatnya.Setelah kaki puas meredah, perut kata nak makan laksa pula. Carikan le dia laksa kat chowrasta tu mujur jumpa. RM2.50 semangkuk, not bad. Tadi dah lah berjalan sorang-sorang dalam panas, lepas tu makan laksa yang panas tu bawah panas juga =.='' Cuma makan kat situ terpaksalah membiasakan diri dengan budak peminta sedekah.

Lepas makan singgah Prangin beli aiskrim untuk kudapan semasa menunggu bas. Dan pengembaraan pun tamat. Aku sangat menyarankan korang pergi redah je tempat baru, makin kita rasa asing makin kita rasa seronok nak tahu lagi. Redah je!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saya perlukan mata tajam anda untuk memilih gambar terbaik

Tinggal lagi 2 hari je untuk undi gambar terbaik yang sesuai dengan tema 'Hitam Putih Kehidupan'. Pertandingan ni dianjurkan oleh blog Gelanggang Foto. Sesiapa yang rasa dia ada bakat untuk jadi penilai seni bolehlah tengok-tengok link ni. Lepas tu undi melalui komen. Cuma perlu tulis "saya undi foto nombor....".

Kalau nak tahu blog Gelanggang Foto ni selalu ada contest photography setiap bulan. Tema bulan. Jadi lepas ni korang bolehlah masuk. Tak payah pakai DSLR. Pakai kamera kompak(compact) biasa tu pun boleh malah nak pakai telefon kamera pun boleh. Pemilik blog tu, Iskandar kata dia bukan nak tengok kamera apa bagus untuk tangkap gambar. Dia cuma nak tengok kreativiti dan seni mengambil gambar peserta.

Jadi, jangn lupa undilah calon eh gambar terbaik ok. Keputusan di tangan ANDA!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jumaat terakhir bersama mereka

  "Macam mana nak lupakan kenangan kalau kita sendiri yang buat kenangan tu?" - dipetik daripada blog orang jauh.

gambar kredit untuk tikus kasturi paling tinggi didunia: sue-yin Aku <3 kamu semua batians.

Dan sempena hari jumaat terakhir itu, aku nak kongsi video ni yang pada aku betul-betul menterbalikkan cara kita berfikir 180 darjah. Sesuai untuk freshgrad.

...dan ini saja nak bagi ampa semua nangis :p

VuuTV - Watch Video

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kome wei~ moh kite ngundi gambor best!

Pagi! Alhamdulillah . Saya mohon kerjasama daripada pembaca yang budiman sekalian untuk pi ke link blog Gelanggang foto ni dan pilih foto terbaik yang sesuai dengan tema 'Hitam Putih  Kehidupan'. Please ye yeop, yong , adik, kakak semua :D

Teman pun ada masuk kompetusyen tu (mampus kena perli dengan Ucop Wilcha kalau dia baca) (baca: competition). Pandei-pandei le kome meneka mana satu gambor yang teman dah tembak (atau oghang kampung awok cakap 'snap').

 Ha, lepeih ni kome pun jom le masuk pertandingan fotografi ni. Idak payah kome pakei kamera gedabak besor tu. Pakai compact pun boleh, nak lagi ganeih pakei kamera talipon pun boleh. Sumpah! teman tak tipu. Ini serius.

Jadi nunggu ape ke lagi? Kita bako kita bako (eh?!!) kita ngundi kita ngundi!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sutra kasih

Mari ber-jiwang dengan Allah.

Puisi 6 kerat

Aku rasa...sedih baca blog dia.
Aku rasa kosong.
Aku nak simpati dengan apa yang dia dah lalui selama ni, tapi akal aku kata jangan.
Dia sedang cuba berjalan dengan usaha sendiri.
Sepatutnya aku bangga.
Tapi angin sayu itu terlalu kuat.

Demm...terpengaruh dengan gaya tulis adik aku! 


Hari ni dah ramai kawan2 yang muat naik gambar majlis makan malam BATI semalam. Aku tak rasa apa-apa. Tak rasa sedih, tak gembira gila-gila sangat, biasa-biasa je, seolah-olah tak ada apa akan berlaku. Seolah-olah bulan depan, lima bulan depan atau tahun depan aku akan jumpa lagi semua orang yang aku jumpa hari ni. Aku tak dapat nak bayangkan lagi saat untuk tinggalkan usm ni.

I don't know how I feel...tomorrow.
I don't know what to say...tomorrow.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kuat ke??

Ada antara kita punya kekuatan yang luar biasa. Ada yang bole angkat besi 100kg, ada yang mampu tamatkan marathon, decathlon, even triathlon puluhan kilometer!, ada yang mampu berjalan tak kisahlah window shopping ke, sight seeing ke berjam-jam lamanya. Tapi bila nak bangun tidur untuk solat Subuh atau lain-lain waktu...masha Allah, susahnya (aku pun sama =.=')

Being creative is not a mistake

A very inspiring yet humour talk by sir Ken Robinson

Clouds on film

Fuji xtra 400