Thursday, March 24, 2011

An invitation to fundrasing event at Straits Quay to help tsunami victims in Japan

Hello friends,
> We're all devastated by the tragedy that is unfolding in Japan now, and 5 days after the event, I've finally gotten sick and tired of just waiting for more information and worrying from afar. My friends and I have decided that we needed to get out of this depressing helplessness and start doing something pro-active. We have therefore decided to launch a fundraising campaign, and we're appealing to you all for help!
> I know it seems strange to be fundraising for a nation that is not only one of the richest and probably most prepared in the world, but when you come down to the individual victims, you have to just imagine having lost your entire house, family, village, future and hope under the literal cloud of radioactive shadow to understand how helpless, lost and without hope it is to be a victim of this disaster. We feel that by doing this fundraising, we can focus the energy currently being spent on just feeling sorry into providing some much needed financial help to individual victims in Japan.
> The funds raised will be sent directly to Japan through the Japanese Consulate General of Penang.
> The event which will be on
> SUNDAY, 27th March at the STRAITS QUAY Indoor AND Outdoor (both Aircon) lobby area.
> Time: 11am ~ 6pm

>   1) Charity Sale - we need donations of items from companies and individuals.
  •  Please donate or help to ask for donations for things like rice cookers, fax machine, handbags, clothes, even good condition soft toys! Items can be second-hand or new but please donate things people would WANT to buy. We don't want to be your unofficial garbage collector...! 
  •  We would appreciate is if you could BRING the items to us on the day, and we will place them on the appropriate tables for auction or sale. This is so that we cut down on the preparation work as time is very short.
  •  *The persons need to bring the items ahead, Enhance Education Language Center in STRAITS QUAY will help us to keep.
> 2) PERFORMACES, TALKS, ACTIVITIES - we need volunteers to perform, ~ dance, songs, magic, games...
  •  We need to have a programme of performances to draw the crowd while the silent auction continues. 
  •  Also looking for anyone who can give a talk on:-
  •  "How to prepare for and survive a disaster"
  •  "Survival Action 101" ~ what do do in an emergency
  •  "What is Nuclear Energy"
  •  "Crisis Management"
  •  First
  •  Aid Demonstration etc
  •  ** This is so that people who attend the event will LEARN something and prepare better for any potential disasters. 
  •  Right now, we're planning for Japanese dances, Drum performances, Japanese Children's choir, kimono dressing, origami, caricature drawing etc..
  •  Anything to add to this would be great! It doesn't have to be Japanese... even Jazz performances, guitar, violin, puppet shows - anything is ok, as long as it can be done on stage without much props.
  •  We need personnel and resources to help with the Stage Management, Stage lighting, backdrop etc
> 3) PUBLICITY - please, please, please ask your friends, relatives, fellow club members, school teachers, cleaning ladies, your enemies... EVERYONE to support by participating or buying!

> With regards to the offers of help and donations, please contact the following coordinators:-
> Organizing chairperson: Ms Emi Yamazaki<> 012-4139096
> Cash Donations: Mrs Lee Laines<
> 012-5811123
> Food Donation: Mrs Rumi Kudo (English)<> 016-4248401
> Donation of Items for sale/ auction: Ms Chika Ando<> 012-5008486
> Performances: Ms Hitomi Ogawa<> 016-4974087
> Kimono: Mrs Imura Mariko
> Kindly forward this message to all your friends.
> Best Regards,

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