Sunday, December 30, 2012

Heroes on my own

I haven't visiting Twitter for like months. But yesterday a friend make me. Took me a while to finally realize how I've promised myself to be a survivor. Going thru my previous, I must say I'm impressed to my old me. That dedicated, strong, wild headed ME.

Something happened and I break down.


I started  avoiding real world. Reality is somehow parted from me too.

There's only one thing I am clinging on right now.

My dreams.

That sole reason why I still believe in my hopeless self.
The world doesn't spin for you. You have to ride along.
I want to be a hero even just for one day.

                                                                                     When you know it's almost impossible to                           achieve something,
Keep on aiming on the moon, but shoot for the stars.
Who know you'll miss and hit the moon instead.

(quoted from Naim)

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