Saturday, January 5, 2013

How can a Translation embarrassed you?

Last week I just made the biggest and the most embarrassing translation mistake ever. My ex-lecture would no doubt kill me or maybe make me study the 7 Context of Meaning by Leech again if they ever know 'bout this.

Actually it was meant to be soothing a friend who at the time was sad. So I'd decided to sent her a soothing text message. We never converse or text in English so I thought I'll send her few words in Malay instead.

But being me, gathering the idea to put words for heart problem were never really my expertise. So I just think of the usual words I used in English and decided to just simply translate them to Malay.

And this, is what I'd sent her;
"Bertahan ya Minah (bukan nama sebenar), kalau kamu rasa nak menangis boleh je pinjam bahu kita."

An hour later...

My monologue;
'O crap! what the hell? why on earth did I type those words?'
'Man these sounds so...eeuuww'.
'Geli kot!'

But hey, this time luck was on my side. The text never reach her. Her maxis number was already inactive.

So now, I know the power of correct translation. Thank you God for saving me from the embarrassment.

The original text that I've think of before translated them into the ugly form;

"Hang in there buddy. If you ever feel like crying, you can always borrow my shoulder."

p/s what will Minah think/ feel if she ever read that text?

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