Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Friendship phobic

There is one kind of fear that I always have to bear. The fear or the phobia of getting too close with someone. Be it male or female. To put it in a easy way I'll just call it the 'best friend'. When a stranger starts invading your soul and slowly building a home 'there',  I find it very hard to let go. 

Even sekarang pun kalau rindu sangat dengan kawan baik kadang2 sampai menangis. And I hate that, it sounds fool, silly but I am a very sentimental person. For e.g I still keep the entrance ticket to butterfly farm that I went with a good friend like 2 good'ol years ago, a train ticket to Bukit Bendera also with a good friend. And every time I look at it, I must somehow feel something pinching my heart. 

And now, here comes another one on their way to invade. 

...i'm just afraid, eventho knowing that to move on will be the only way.

All good thing have an end.

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