Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another side of me

I don't know if the people around ever notice of how complex I am. But honestly, I am.

I seriously don't think any psychiatrist can figure out what actually going on in my head.

Is it normal for a young person like me to think of killing herself sometimes? I have this kind of thought running thru ever since I was a teenager. Don't worry I don't plan to take my own life. I know Allah is the absolute holder of my life.

It just that when misfortune comes down on you one by one, it actually took all my guts and spirits away...sometimes my sanity too.

You know what it's funny that I wrote all this which you can always found in tumblr wrote by unhappy teens around the world. And now here I am.

I like to write down all the negatives feeling I hold inside but I know doing that wont help. And I like to write down all the positives words too but I know that will make me looks like a total loser. I know you don't get it, I've told you I'm complicated.

Let just wait and see.

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