Sunday, October 14, 2012


Life is like a wheel. My down is almost history and now I'm slowly going up. But someone else, someone so close were still stuck at the bottom. Couldn't get up, but she still standing strong. Suck every little energy she has left for the sake of her newborn premature child.

My friend, she is the strongest person I know. I just have no idea where on earth does she gets all the strength to go through all off this..burden, trial. Things started go wrong during her last trimester which force the baby to came out earlier than expected. And of course premature babies have a lot of complication. And now she missed her one and only graduation ceremony. She willing to let go for her baby boy was sick and now things got a little serious.

I'm scared. I'm scared she will loose her strength. So far she won all the battle but who know what will happen later. Will her baby ever get better and grow up normal just like any other kids?

I now see 'healthy' in a very different point of view. We always disregards our health. When a baby is born many will only ask the gender. We must change that. Be grateful. Always be grateful when you, me, us have our own baby, be grateful when God give us a very healthy child. Because not everyone was given the chance to be born healthy.

I am grateful to Allah for my health. Thank you Allah.

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