Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Call me uptown girl... I don't care!

Today, to be exact this afternoon my head suddenly ringing this familiar tune. The O.C's intro tone, sigh~ I can't remember the last time I'd watch that show. I can still remember vividly how I grew up with all these popular american drama series. I mean, 'they' are my English teacher so here's the prove how the language have affects me.

Maxwell and Popular was my first 'break through' teens drama obsessions, and then came Dawson Creek, The O.C, Friends, Charmed (of course! my fav was Piper), One Tree Hill and list goes on. Back then there was no computer, don't even mention internet. I barely know what it means at the time. All I know, internet is IT lol which is very funny to even be remembered. So, don't be surprise if I said I have never listen to the full theme song for The O.C until today (finally!)

So here's to anyone who shares my the spot in my stinky shoes. I give you California by Phantom Planet, The O.C theme song.

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