Monday, April 9, 2012

Law of Attraction

Is now doing some experiment using the universal law of attraction. My subject will be human, gold and weather. Succeed with my first weather test last Friday, and it feels like you have the globe right inside your mind.

Gold on the other hand need a few months just to make sure I'm focus. May sounds hard but I'm still gonna do it because I know I can. I believe Allah will hear me.

Last subject, human. This one is tricky. I can't simply control other people waves because Allah has created human in such miracle and complicated that others cannot influence you without your permission. But I'll work it out. It's not for me anyway, I do this for everyone. If I happen to ended up with the human anyway still, it is not my power to deny.

Sorry if you are reading this and this makes you sick. I just want to write something and the only subject that came out was these. Bear with it ya.

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