Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A sudden "Hi"


I had enough with sighing of life. I had enough doing it and I had enough hearing people grunting over their so called dismay. It is a never ended "process' I thought. 

Anyhow, a very lovely friend text me today at work. She's using another unknown number again but somehow I can tell by instinct it was her. And bull's eye it is. Have the feeling I'm loving this kind of game communication  of guessing whose who among close buddies.

Alhamdulillah, she and her baby is healthy. I can wait no more for June to come and sweep me away to Kelantan. And I can't wait to did some gold hahaha ...lately, I lost interest with money and suddenly Gold came says 'Hi'. Weird, I never liked gold in my life, besides I always turn down my mom's offer to buy me gold accessories.But wait a sec, I still hate the sight of gold on my bodies but hehehe I love the fact when my precious gold "gave birth" in her lair. 

So, new New Year resolution is say ok to gold investment! 

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