Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Looks like we've made it afterall

Graduation status: Pass. But of course graduation is one, a fun thing. Two have I not consider the not-fun-thing. Can you guess? Well, debt. 

Thank you much for ruining our fun sigh. But of course, I'm being very sensible at the moment. Without the loan, there's no way I can live peacefully during the studies. Anyway, I don't wanna be the cow tied to debt master. So let just work for money (of course to pay the debt) and pleasure and experience.

Pre-graduation blue is already in the air even though the full academic result is not out yet. So, let's walk the blues.

Kinda true, the lyrics I mean. It will happen somehow. But honestly guys, you are all my friends for real. For real. 
See you girls this September, at the place where it all started and soon ended. USM. I'll forever miss BATI class of 2011 .

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