Friday, May 27, 2011

Godbye home

I have approximately 2 hours before I leave home. For work. Yes, I got a job, albeit only for 3 months. But that's better than just sit at home doing nothing. Actually it's a little chaotic at the moment since I got his job offer only yesterday, that's not even 24 hours yet.

My lecturer called if I'm interested being a translator at Civil Defense Department (Jabatan Pertahanan Awam) in Baling, Kedah. How can I say no, right? That place is ...well, a lil bit under-develop but hey lets just try make the best of it. 

So today I will go to Taiping first to a friend's house because she's got the job too (thanks to Dr A), and from there we'll go to Baling this Saturday for interview-chit-chating session, and start working on Monday. Phew~ wish me all the best. Not sure if I can get in touch with you bloggers, have to wait and see. 

p/s what on earth am I'm going to translate with that JPA?


mamawana said...


Gud luck to you.

Repeat your quote "a lil bit under-develop but hey lets just try make the best of it"

Not under-develop really. That place still "suci dari noda kota. Virgin City maybe" wheeewwww.... ada betul ka?

almutarjimah said...

Mama, it's been quite some time :)

Ha betul lah tu , suci tak berdebu hehe.