Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blog review session - Kebun Malay-Kadazan girls

I still remember how I landed on her blog last year I think. 
I googled 'kebun australia' under blog's section.
I clicked on her blog and...
...voila my eyes became wide open.
There's too many greens and I (my eyes) fall in love with the blog at the very moment.

The reason why I googled such keywords is because
I was having quite a hard time.
Dealing with assignments and fussy peoples grew me tired.
So, i decided to look for something 'green'

Another reason is because
I terribly miss home.
I live in a small quiet village,
and my mom loves gardening so much that I can't remember how many times snakes choose our cozy yard to change their skin.
Man...that always gives me a shiver.

Anyhow my heart grew fonder of her blog day by day (hey these sound cheesy isn't it?)
So now let me introduce you to the blog owner.
Actually I have no idea what's her real name.
But I respect her like a big sister.
She is happily married and a mother to two very cute boys.
Currently live in Adelaide, Aussie
She is a Malay-Kadazan girl,
And...she has a very beautiful and bountiful garden of flowers and veggies.

Seeing her garden-blog always inspire me to blog about my mom's plants.
It just that I know very few about gardening he he he.
So, if you feel you are a 'green person', 

The pictures wasn't mine. Everything is taken from her blog. Please visit if you're interested in gardening.


Farhana Jafri said...

hey! thanks fr the review.. her house must be superb! i like these greeny stuff too! ^^

jemput singgah ANASAURUS :)

almutarjimah said...

"She's a wonderful person," is all I can say.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Oh my this is a really big surprised. Gardening reminds me of my mom and my late-grandmother. So like you, when I missed them and going through a rough time I garden and feel that they are beside me (termasuklah Maha Pencipta Kita). Benkyo (study) gambattene! Diana @ Malay-Kadazan Girl.

almutarjimah said...

Hi sis! So, Diana's the name :) Esok exam psikologi tapi masih normal lagi. Have a nice day.