Thursday, May 2, 2013

Labour Day Special

Assalamualaikum warohmatullah wabarokatu

I'm feeling oldies this few weeks. (what the... ohh Bell, whatever)

It's May! Month of book and book and more book. I went to KL International Book Fair on Labour Day with some friends from work. And man I'm telling you people are EVERYWHERE. I have to really tell myself to stay calm and not being such a baby throwing tantrum in the packed crowd.

My advise, DO NOT go during public holiday/ school holiday. Well unless you love having huge number of students whose on a school trip in their baju batik uniform passing by non-stop. They are everywhere.

My catch? Just a latest volume of Gila-Gila mag to revisit my childhood, a novel by Hlovate - Anthem (I swear this one is huge man! You won't find this title on the shelve for more than 5 minutes. I get my copy not from the shelf but from the staff who just came in time to open new stock of this title.), and finally a book by Prof Muhaya - Celik Mata dan Jiwa (managed to get her signature).

So that's it for book fest 2013. I really have few idea what to wrote about me :) I mean like, I'm just fine. My cat's fine, a kitten just born a month ago and now he/she is wandering around the house non -stop with his/her penguin's walk. I got my contract extended for 3 more months. (Not so sure if that's a good one.) I have found bunch friends who loves to go for an adventure. Last month went to Gua Tempurung, last week to Sungai Chilling, K.Kubu Bharu.

Guess that all for now. It was a special labour day after all.


neikaa said...

bella aku nak buku anthem! :(

almutarjimah said...

Za! baik ko beli cepat best wei~ aku macam culture shock tgk buku dia paling cepat habis ket pesta buku aritu.