Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dreamers always believe in their God


Today is a day to celebrate someone's existence in this life. It's a she. And this she is special to me. She existed on 8.8.1988 a very 'ong' number for feng shui. Knew her in 2008 (what a coincidence, another 8) during varsity era which past a year back. In summary, I can say she and I, we together learning about life the hard way. She have almost the same way of thinking like I do. We have almost the same high rocket ambitious sail away. To go just anywhere but home in order to find 'ourselves', that one character who has been hiding so long waiting to come out. Honestly those sounds NUT! And, neither of us have embark a journey to be away. Not yet. 

I knew deep down someday those dreams will come true. Someday she will found herself. I'll found mine. 

I'm writing these down with a heart quite filled with bitterness. A gift by God who always knew whats best when we the slave know nothing. And I hope if she, the celebrated girl reads this, she will always believe with God's super plan because dreamers believe in their God more than anything. 

May Allah give us the strength to make it through. Happy birthday Eza.



neikaa said...
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neikaa said...
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neikaa said...

Bell..ak selalu tersentuh hati baca post ang tp yg ni ak nangis taw. kat office!hehe.. Terima kasih for the wish, terima kasih tuk post yg bermakna sgt ni. terima kasih for everything. Terima kasih sahabat dunia akhirat. =))

neikaa said...

tolong padam 2 komen kt atas tu eh..delete sbb asyik salah eja ja. haha..

almutarjimah said...

And thank you again for being a true friend who asked nothing in return. Kita sama2 baiki dan improve hidup kita dunia akhirat :D