Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Suspicious, Misconception, Understanding...

I always thought Moon Cake festival as the festival celebrated by Buddhist before. And to own my own shock nobody ever tell me how foolish I am for ignoring the few facts about my own 'countrymate'.

It took me almost 8 years to realize that Moon Cake festival isn't for religious celebration. Yes. Call me culture blind, I know I am and so sorry because I am not the only Malay who have this thought in mind.

Why is it important to know your own neighbor's culture?

Because you tend to have this little misconception and worst...discriminate them and slowly turn into racism.

I WAS a Racist. I guess many are. We simply judge without learning, knowing the real fact.

I don't want to be a racist. Why? Because I love all my Chinese friends. They made my university life feel good.

I just learned yesterday that Moon Cake festival is not the right name for this beautiful occasion. Instead, we should name it Mid Autumn Festival ( my lecturer told me this and he know all about Chinese history so don't try to deny him :)) )

Me and all my course mate celebrate Raya Aidilfitri and  Mid Autumn Festival yesterday morning under the same roof in the same room packed with colorful attire (most of it are baju kurung) worn by Chinese Indian and Malay babes.

We all sat down to listen to our Chinese friends 'lecturing' about the history of  mid autumn festival, the connection with the moon, and I know in Chinese calender the moon is brightly full at the middle of the autumn while for Hijrah calender, the moon is full during the first week of a month.

Oh ya, for Puasa & Raya presentation, I am one of the presenter, explaining the holy month of Ramadhan, the celebration of both Ramadhan and Syawal, hoping my non-muslim friends will now understand what they once no nothing about.

It was good. The food was good. The ambiance was good. The mood was good. The understanding is good.

By the way, I always find some Chinese sell boiled egg soak in herbs I forgot the name (which I cannot stand the smell before) so guess what? I ate them yesterday. And to my own surprise it taste so good especially the herbs gravy. You see? I used to disgust that food worried if it is not halal, and now I know it just an innocent chicken egg with pure healthy herbs and it is YUMMY!

Serunding + Moon Cake is now united.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone and of course Selamat Hari Raya.

source: Google
Source: Google


marinahunny said...

saya pun mmg xtau yg perayaan ni bukan agama punya..sbb kita pikir chinese yg sambut kan so mesti ingt perayaan agama kan, pdahal tak pun..

berkawan biar seribu..

almutarjimah said...

Jom kawan dengan semua orang :)