Monday, June 6, 2011

Safe and easy

I want to sail away from the safe harbor. 
People around me would say things like,
"Just be a teacher, it's easier." "Work with the gov. They'll guarantee you better retirement plan." and some even say this famous line, "Get married. Habis cerita." 
But my dear people, I'm not that girl.
I don't have this 'easy and safe' future in me.
I don't want it even if I have the chance.
Someday you'll understand.
Above all, sorry mom and dad, sorry I can't pay you yet.
Someday you'll understand.
In Allah's embrace I pray you will have the most luxurious life in heaven and comfy life in earth.
Sorry I can't give you that now.
I may sail through the rough sea someday. 
Maybe I'll made it.
Maybe not.
Someday I'll come back and make you proud.
With Allah's will.

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