Thursday, June 16, 2011


Almost half way through reading the newly arrived novel  Not Without My Daughter. And from this point I can clearly see one of the many why the non Moslem especially the American hate Islam and Moslem so much. For me, they confused between the religion and the people of the religion whom came from various background and customs and tradition. I am truly sorry and at the same time feels hurt to when there are people who have been abused brutally by the moslem who think they have the authority to do so in the name of Islam. Trust me, I am a moslem and I detest their wrong behavior.. Islam never teach the devoteed to do wrongful things. As the matter of fact, the prophet Muhammad will be very angry and I'm sure will never approve such ugly behavior like what the husband of Betty Mahmoody did to her. 

Things like that happens because their tradition (at the time) were too conservative and worst, too fanatic. I blame it on the people, the doer to be exact. Because I believe there still some kind people who actually use their brain to sort out what is right and what is wrong according to the Koran not CUSTOM and TRADITION. 

The story of struggling mother who will do anything to always be with her child in a inter-culture marriage is actually still happening. And I only hope and wish for inter-culture or inter-race marriage couples to stay together and bridge the understanding between each other's culture. For the sake of the child, for the sake of love.

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