Friday, November 26, 2010

Let's just live

I am now packing for semester break. And with Allah's will I hope I reach home in one piece tomorrow evening. Tomorrow's journey will be the last time I ever going back home for semester break as a bachelor student for I am now in my final year. Kinda sad thinking that I will be leaving this way of life that has become a routine for almost like 3 years now.

Of course I have one more semester to go's kinda gloomy inside. Plus, I went through this whole 5 month alone without a roommate. It's very cool at first, I could do anything you name it laughing my lungs out, rolling on the floor laughing, burping loudly, singing with high pitch, not turning off the light at night, and even fart anytime I wanted to. But, I'm just a mere mortal. I do get lonely sometimes, I'm less motivated, sigh~ it just that I really need 'the push' to make me jump of the cliff and do things better especially with my studies.

This is life. I had mine going on this way, you had yours rolling on  the way it planned to be by the Almighty. So let just chase the life the will lead us to the other life (it is quite covert isn't it?)

When we know how to die, we know how to live.

See you next semester USM.

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