Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just crapping

Should I tell her that I gave it up because of her?
That 'sister' that I'm talking about before
She's actually a friend of mine and not like what my friend's assume
I have another blog that I purposely planned to shut it down but in the end I just lock it for privacy.
And this blog too supposedly to be a secret.
Honestly, I like to write my heart out on this blog the end I let the cat out of the bag and let certain people know the existence of my new blog.

About the older blog that I gave up on? know girls...
They always have this very soft spot that I myself as a girl feel completely lost.
Anyway, I told that friend of mine about this blog and she is hiding her anger :)
I'm not suppose to laugh I know but the thing is I gave up the older blog because of her.
Haizz I don't understand my own species.

Oh ya, I'm home now, and it is totally a bliss.

p/s writing in English doesn't make me less Malay.

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