Sunday, February 12, 2012


Offer CLOSED. I have found two transcriber for this job. Thank you for your time.

Peace everyone!

If you reading this, I have a job to offer. A friend of mine ask me to transcribe the meetings content which is recorded in audio.

PAYMENT: RM 200 - 250 (negotiable)

DEADLINE: 17 FEB. 2012.

The meeting was about a project to be done in the field of gender, femenist.

The speakers consits two person from Malaysia and three person from Norway.

I need you to transcribe the audio overall about 10 HOURS conversation (which include the unimportant talks over lunch, the responsible person forgot to turn off the recorder.), fully conducted in English. You don't have to transcribe everything but only the gist of the conversation.

If you interested please comment on this post OR email me at

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