Monday, December 12, 2011

Live and Hope

One thing I love about my new job is, it connect me with real people. People who work because they desperately needs to LIVE. They don't work for having the money to spend shopping leisurely, they don't work for going on holiday but only because they want to keep on living and breath. I've met people, a lot of people who proved me how this country failed to function properly.

I looked at those people who came to me with hope in their eyes hoping tomorrow will be better than today. And I've met people who came to me with heavy frustration, hopeless that tomorrow, sun will never shine again. Fade as the black clouds hide their sun.  And I looked again at those people, and said to myself, "These are my countrymen...these are my people and there's not much I can do for them."

Thank you God for showing me the real people.

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