Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Done. I've said it, handed it (the resignation letter). Of course their reaction was clearly well...as I've expected. Kak Paiz has been a real supporter and all this actually happens  because she's the one who initiated the 'spark'. And that Ryan Goh'blok' of course...more than agree fairly because he will join my decision in just a few weeks from now.

And there, kak Rowina will be on her own. My teacher, my friend, my sister for 11 hours a day.

O'm gonna miss the sound of those machine. By the way , I broke another needle and successfully bend another needle's holder for the second time. Oh yeah. Way to go Bell, a very kind way to bid farewell. =.='

Irony. I bought an envelop to hold my resignation letter from the shop I'm working with and handed it back to the owner.

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