Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A gift from God

This year Eid was a little bit cinfusing since the baby moon haven't been sighted yet any some part of the world. Anyway,sooner or later people will celebrate Eid =. I personally feels sad as the holy month of Ramadhan has come to an end. How is everybody's Ramadhan? Was it good? Mine was awesome! It's proven that Allah will lightthe burden of people who fast.

As for Syawal, I don't have new cloth since my mum have to finish sewing her customer's first. Why not buying the ready made? Sigh...if you readers are my personal friends I'm sure you'll understand my annoyance with shopping especially in huge crowd. I'll get dizzy at once. No joke.

In the end, I end up wearing last year cloth :)  

To all readers (eventhough I always doubt about putting an 's' here)  have a blessed Syawal and happy Eid! 


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